Holistic Osteopathic Doctor Gives His Patients Something More Than Turmeric
Absorbed 2000% More When Adding This 1 Nutrient
If you are currently taking Turmeric or are considering taking it you need to find out what I am giving my patients that is changing their lives.
Hello, my name is Dr. Jacob Mong. 

My specialty is in ophthalmology, but I am also a holistic osteopathic doctor and I have touted the healing benefits of turmeric - and more specifically it active form curcumin. 

Long before it became a fad I have been using turmeric with my patients to reduce eye inflammation and body inflammation that can trigger issues with the eyes.  

But get this: 

In my practice we do NOT use the typical turmeric supplements. 
Despite of all turmeric's amazing health benefits, researchers and scientists have determined that there is one major drawback to your typical turmeric supplements.  
It has poor absorption by the body.  
Two specific things are needed to solve that: 
 The right kind of turmeric (curcumin) at the right dose
 A proven mechanism to delivery the curcumin so it can be absorbed by your cells. 
When these 2 things are not met the result is...

Turmeric does NOT get metabolized by the body...

Turmeric does NOT get absorbed into your cells...
The Truth Is:  most turmeric users only get LESS THAN 8% of its potential benefits. 
Isn't it crazy that with all the scientific research proving that turmeric has all these powerful benefits... we still have versions of it that don't include the one key ingredient that will allow our bodies to absorb it and actually benefit from it.  
This Is The Biggest Turmeric Breakthrough In Many Years
In just a moment, you'll see why this one ingredient is changing the power of Turmeric.  

You'll also discover...
  •  How my patients are already seeing benefits that you can't get with most turmeric supplements
  •  How you can begin to experience the TRUE power of turmeric
  •  How the active component curcumin which is in turmeric has over 619 proven benefits
I will reveal all of this, and more, in just a moment, but before I do let me share the POWER of turmeric. 

Did you know that it provides around 619 ESSENTIAL BENEFITS?  
At Least 619 Health Benefits Provided By Turmeric

Mental Fatigue was reduced and mood enhanced in 1 hour

Journal of Psychopharmacology

Healthy blood sugar support: Participants had healthier response to insulin

Journal of Diabetes Care

Triglyceride levels improved by 60%

Journal Of Phytotherapy Research

Lifespan lengthened by 15-20 healthy years on average

Age Journal

Taking turmeric saw pain scores drop by 60%,stiffness scores by 73%

Journal of Alternative Medicine

Prevent elastin from forming by up to 65%- equals smoother skin

Journal BioMed Central Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Two-thirds of patients that consumed turmeric improved healthy gut performance.

Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

After exercise patients who consumed turmeric saw their inflammation markers reduce by 25%

University of North Texas

Supports healthy eyes in 100% of people who took turmeric.  

Journal of Phytotherapy Research

Maintains telomere length which has now been proven to be the #1 cause of aging.    

University of Newcastle
The list continues and continues...

This is just a small sample of what turmeric (curcumin) can do for you.  

These are the types of results I am seeing with my patients all the time. 

It is only possible though because we have added one ingredient to our formula so that turmeric can actually be absorbed and also cross the blood-brain barrier.  

It is something that researchers at St. John's University found improve the absorption and power of turmeric by 2,000%
St. John's University Study Improved Turmeric's Benefits by 2,000%
Scientists at St. John's University compared blood levels of curcumin by itself vs combining curcumin with bioperine...

Within 45 minutes of consuming both curcumin and bioperine together the patients saw an increase of curcumin levels by 2,000%
To summarize: 

Not only did it increase by 2,000%...

It also lasted longer in the bloodstream...
Adding Bioperine Also Helps Turmeric (Curcumin) Support Your Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels
In this study scientists took healthy animals and divided them up into three groups and fed them a high-fat diet.  One of the groups was a placebo group.  A second group consumed turmeric only and the third group consumed turmeric and piperine.  

What they found was that the group that consumed turmeric and piperine maintained their healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.  They ate this way for 4 weeks and they saw no change in their normal cholesterol levels.  

Even better was that their HDL(good) cholesterol levels improved.  This is just one of the benefits of turmeric when it can actually get absorbed.  

Piperine helps turmeric with these types of results. 
Turmeric Helps Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
In another study, scientists separated animals into three groups:  One group consumed only turmeric.  The 2nd group took a standard blood sugar formula and the 3rd group consumed turmeric and piperine.  

After participating in the study for one month the scientists looked the glucose levels and saw the best results in the turmeric/piperine group.  

They also saw 
  •  Improved support for LDL cholesterol levels and triyglycerids
  •  Improved healthy weight levels
  •  Improved healthy blood sugar levels
These are just a few of the worldwide studies that are finding that turmeric (curcumin) and piperine when used together works better than just consuming curcumin by itself.  Some other studies have found that it helps to protect your body from oxidative stress, support your mind and support healthy DNA. 

The science is clear...

Adding "bioperine" as the delivery system combined with turmeric is the missing link to reach curcumins full potential...
When You Get The Full Potential Of Curcumin You Get Serious Results Like...
  •  Pain-free mobility, move with comfort
  •  Healthy Eyes- No more "Eye Rust"
  •  Free from stress, anxiety and worry
  •  Healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  •  Better blood sugar support and levels
  •  Easy, smooth digestion
  •  Healthier heart
  •  Improved memory and thinking
  •  And much, much more
Finally!  You Can Benefit From The Full Power Of Turmeric
And for less than $1...
Turmeric has been one of the most exciting nutrients to be discovered recently and has health-conscious individuals jumping all over it for good reason...

Though they need to be taking it with  this 1 ingredient if they want to increase the absorption by 2,000%.

There's seems like nothing it can't do for the body.  Every day there are more research studies coming out showing its healing potential.  

That is why I went above and beyond to release Turmeric to its MAXIMUM potential with my clients...

Now you get to benefit from it as well. 

I tease my patients and ask them where they can get this much health benefit for less than $1.  

It is actually 0.88 cents per day to be exact.  

At the moment, I only have a shipment of 379 bottles on hand which means only a handful of people are going to get these first orders at this low price.  

Once this shipment runs out, I can't guarantee that the next shipment will have arrived.  

So YOU must take action quickly if you want to experience turmeric's life changing benefits.  

If you do get the opportunity to claim your supply - I urge you to take advantage of our discount on multiple bottles where we are giving you 1 bottle free.  

It is 100% guaranteed or your money back, so why mess around with having to come back and re-order. 

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There's nothing to think about, no risk on your part- you don't even have to decide right now.  Just try it!

If you don't agree that Advanced Inflammation Support is making you feel healthier, more energetic and less pain that you have felt in decades..

Just let us know and you get your money back. 

It is that simple.  If it doesn't work for you, you don't pay a penny for it.
Introducing... The $0.60 Cent Pill
Well, today - if you select the 2 bottle option we are going to throw in a 3rd bottle for FREE!

That's just 59 cents per day to get the full power of Turmeric with Bioperine.  

And I suggest you grab this option, because once you start to experience the full potential of curcumin the active ingredient in Turmeric... you will look and feel many years younger and healthier. 

And because you lock in the $0.60 per day price - a deal you will NOT find anywhere else...

The option is a no-brainer.  

Please don't procrastinate or delay.  I really want you to take advantage of this opportunity right now just like so many of my patients who have been taking the same formula. 

I want you to start enjoying everything turmeric has to offer just like them...  

I want you to enjoy its over 619 proven healthy benefits...

So don't wait any longer.  Click the Order Button Below!
You are more than just a body
Dr. Jacob Mong, DO
Osteopathic Doctor
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Meet Jacob Mong, M.D.

Know Your Doctor
For most, vision is the most precious sense; your eyes can't be entrusted to just anyone. You should know that I am a person just like you. I was born in Idaho and grew up on a farm in the Treasure Valley. I attended a local university before serving with the Idaho National Guard in Iraq. I attended medical school in Michigan then completed a residency in ophthalmology in the suburbs of Detroit. My experience includes repairing the most complex ocular and facial trauma as well as treating rare ophthalmic manifestations of diseases not seen in most parts of the developed world. Although there is no other place I would rather be than here. I have taken the opportunity to hone my surgical and diagnostic skills on different surgeries around the world in North America, South America and Asia.

My Care Philosophy
Your body is more than your eyes and you are more than just a body. While my specialized training is in the ocular adnexa, as an osteopathic surgeon I will always treat you as a whole person. Every dimension of "you" plays a role in the way your body reacts to treatment. I will take the time to help you define and articulate your symptoms and goals in order to develop a treatment plan with which you are comfortable. I'm here to help you achieve the best health possible, keeping in mind your goals and needs. I treat every patient like a family friend; I will never recommend a procedure or treatment that I do not believe will benefit you. Communication is the key when it comes to your health and I will take the time each visit to ensure all of your questions are answered. I look forward to the opportunity to meet you and will strive to exceed your expectations.
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